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DRAINA S MEDIUM (150ML), Code : H28555

Packing : 20pcs/box (Individual Sterile Pack)

Transparent sterile 1-piece pouches with integrated,cut-to-fit skin protector, graduation and reverse side with soft protective fleece.

3 sizes are available:

  • Draina S Mini (indicative volume of 75 ml) small and narrow for children or small fistulae
  • Draina S Medium (indicative volume of 150 ml) for drainage of wounds, fistulae and post op care of stoma
  • Draina S Large (indicative volume of 300 ml) for a longer weartime for drainage of wounds and fistulae


  • Hydrocolloid skin protector which adapts to skin relief and body contours for long duration comfort, specially designed to resist aggressive wound exudates
  • Concentric welding for increased flexibility andeasy cutting of the skin protector
  • Pouch graduated in ml to monitor volume control
  • Transparent front to look at drain site and effluents
  • Coupling system combined with a gusset effect
  • Universal outlet connector to fit all common used drainage systems
  • Adjustable opening: 
    • With the tube (and cap) to collect waste and liquids to drain the waste into another collection system
    • With a standard clamp (after cutting the tubing), to collect thicker effluents

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