Electrode Pads
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RM 30.00

Electrode Pads
Price: RM30/pack of 4pcs

Storage and Maintenance:
1)Electrode pads are reusable. If adhesion is weakening, change another new electrode pad.
2)After use, keep the electrode pads attached on the storing film. (Be caution that  attaching to the opposite side may damage its adhesion)
3)Treatment area should be kept in a clean and dry condition.
4)Attach the pad tightly on the skin so that it does not detach away.
5)Pad and its connectors should be firmly connected.
6)Do not pull the cables to disconnect after use.
7)Do not use on areas with scars or contaminated skin.
8)After use, do not leave the electrodes attached on the skin.
9)Do not share the same electrodes with another person.
10)Storage at room temperature. Do not store in places with direct sunlight and dry area.

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