HICARE Ionic Infusion Mask (10'S/BOX)
HICARE Ionic Infusion Mask (10'S/BOX) DEEPSKIN S Ionic Skin Care System Penang, Malaysia, Perai Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Mystique Wonder Sdn Bhd
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Hicare Ionic Infusion Mask

Reinforced anti-aging ingredients to add moisture and elasticity to the dual functional ingredients of whitening/wrinkle improvement
Collagen essence and 5 kinds of Berry Complex ingredients moisturize and revitalize to dry skin
 With excellent adhesion and smooth use, the Tensel Cupra sheet absorbs essence quickly and effectively transfers it to the skin

♦ Whitening
'Niacinamide‘ brightens uneven skin tone and makes skin clear and bright
♦ Wrinkle improvement
It contains 'Adenosine', a wrinkle-functioning ingredient, which gives the elasticity to the wrinkled skin and makes skin smooth
♦ Moisturizing
The excellent moisturizing factor ‘hyaluronic acid’ and 5 kinds of 'Berry Complex' help to smooth and moisturize the skin, while the 'Anthocyanin' ingredient prevents the skin from aging and returns it to the elastic and vital skin

♦ Elasticity, Anti-aging
Hydrolyzed collagen creates elastic tissue and helps to repair dry and damaged skin
Vitamin C derivatives to keep your skin clear and fresh


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